Settle comfortably in a natural environment very close to San Sebastián

IOTZA BIDEA 9, 20115 Astigarraga, Guipúzcoa - España - View Map
Entrance door to Casa Rural Artola Garden of Casa Rural Artola

The CASA RURAL ARTOLA agritourism aims to be like your home, a place where you feel comfortable and at ease, where you feel like chatting and spending time, where sleep invades you with pure relaxation.

CASA RURAL ARTOLA is not just accommodation; it is much more, because in the midst of nature, one feels a part of it, and the house becomes a part of that change.

We could say that all rooms have wifi, air conditioning, free parking... We could also say that pets are allowed except in high season, so you can come with your four-legged friends. But all that would not define what CASA RURAL ARTOLA is, because we know that what defines it best is YOU.

Come and tell us what CASA RURAL ARTOLA means to you.

Located in a Artola Agroturismo from the late 16th century, it is situated on the southern slope of Mount Santiagomendi in the cider town of Astigarraga

Postcards from your visit to Casa Rural Artola

Image of the entrance door to Casa Rural Artola

Welcome to Artola Agrotourism

Image of one of the double rooms of Agrotourism Artola

Double room on the second floor

Image of the entrance to Casa Rural Artola, plants, wooden and wrought iron benches

Common areas, entrance to the house, and terrace

Image of the terrace on the first floor of the Artola Agroturismo

Details of Casa Rural Artola

Image of the facade of Agrotourism Artola

Views of the Artola Agroturismo

Image of decorative details on the staircase of Casa Rural Artola

Details of the staircase ascent

Image of the Artola Agroturismo from the garden, an area to enjoy nature

Common spaces, garden

Image of the corner under the staircase of Agrotourism Artola

Reception and staircase ascent

Access road to the Artola Agroturismo, with a cider cup at the entrance

Access to Artola Agrotourism in Santiagomendi

Image of the garden plants of Casa Rural Artola

Garden details

Image of the house from the garden, featuring a stone table and bench under a tree

View of the house from the garden

First-floor terrace with a table for dining or breakfast, protected by an awning

First-floor terrace

Image of the facade of the Artola Agroturismo with the terraces of the first and second floors of Agrotourism Artola

View of the first-floor and second-floor terrace

Image of the fully furnished common kitchen, including a baby high chair

Common kitchen

Image of the interior of Casa Rural Artola with a wooden coat rack and bench

Corners of the Artola Agroturismo